Trucks 2012 Fall Season Opener

HollyRidge Computer Truck Series August 8th, 2012

The 2012 Fall Season rolled off at the famed NASCAR paperclip in Martinville Virginia to run 120 laps for the Truck Division. The start had Tony Godwin starting from the pole. Sharing the front row with Godwin was John Bage and followed by Ronnie Binkley, Clay Jones, and Jeff Conover to round out the top 5. Godwin stole the show by leading all 120 laps and taking the checkered followed by Jones, Kenny Smith, Binkley, and Shane Bogue to round out the top 5. The race only had 2 yellows and everyone but 1 driver finished without any incident points.

Top 5 Points after Martinsville
1) Tony Godwin 44
2) Clay Jones 43
3) Kenny Smith 42
4) Ronnie Binkley 41
5) Shane Bogue 40