SimGamerz League Rules

1)    Front Office (Administrators)

a)     League Director/Administrator:      John Bage

b)     VP of Operations:                                Tracy Brown

c)     Assistant Series Administrator:        Shane Bogue

2)    Membership

a)     We do not have an open membership as the league is by invite only.

b)    New members are brought in on a probationary period. The length of the probationary period may vary at the discretion of the Front Office and general League Membership.

c)     The member that referred you is responsible for your actions during your probationary period. This means if you cause issues they will be the one(s) that have to address you concerning your actions.

d)    The Front Office has the right to deny invites and/or membership into the league.

3)    Conduct

a)     All drivers must conduct themselves in a professional manner.

b)     All SimGamerz drivers are expected to treat their fellow competitors with respect. Flaming or abuse towards any other member of the league or the league itself will NOT be tolerated. This includes league as well as non-league events.

4)    Race Day Schedule

a)     League servers will be scheduled to go up at 7:00 pm for practice.

b)     Drivers Meeting will be held at 8:45pm.

c)     Qualifying will go off at 9:00 pm.

d)     Race will grid at 9:05 pm.

5)    Race Procedures

a)     Lucky Dog: The first car one or more laps down, as long as they were not involved in the yellow, will be waved by the field when the “Two to go” message is given. If the qualifying car was involved then there will be no lucky down given. Also if there are ten or less laps remaining then there will be no Lucky Dog. When the Lucky Dog is issued, everyone else must move to the left and let the Lucky Dog by on the right side.

b)     Wave-Around:  Other than the Lucky Dog procedure, all wave-around commands will be handled by the built-in iRacing game function.

c)     Lining up: It is every driver’s responsibility to make sure they are in the proper position on the track before pitting and before the green comes out. If it’s telling you are in the wrong position it is your responsibility to relay that to the other driver over chat so that you can at least attempt to get in the proper position (Failure to do this will result in Black Flag not being cleared if you get one).

d)     Black Flags: Black Flags will only be cleared at the discretion of the Series Administrator under extenuating circumstances. Generally this is limited only for problems where it’s telling one driver one thing and opposite to another and a black flag results.

e)     Cautions: We do not race back to the line as the field is frozen when the yellow comes out. Everyone should begin to slow when the yellow comes out however please try to close it up as soon as possible for those that desire to pit. When the leader catches up to the pace car please call out where you are on the track.

f)      Cause of Caution: All drivers directly or indirectly involved in the caution must call out as soon as possible that they were involved so the Admin can issue an End of Longest Line penalty.

g)     Restarts: The leader is in charge of the start and restart. They may accelerate anywhere from the time the pace car enters pit road until the green is displayed.

h)     Choice of lane: The leader may choose to start either in the inside or outside lane on the start and restarts. If he/she decides to do so they must announce it no later than than turn one on the one to go lap. If the leader decides to take the outside, the 2nd place car will switch to the inside lane. This will only effect the front row as all other lanes will restart as instructed. If the leader chooses to swap then it is very important that the 2nd row and back do not pass until after the start/finish line or a black flag will be issued.

i)     Stopping on the track: You are not allowed to stop on the track during green flag conditions in order to bring out a yellow. If you do you will lose all points for that race.

j)     Intentional Wrecking & Retaliation: While we understand a lot of things can happen and there is going to be contact, intentional wrecking and/or retaliation will NOT be tolerated.

6)    Points & Bonuses

a)     We use the NASCAR point system which is 43 points for finishing 1st minus 1 point per position.

b)     A bonus of 1 point is given to anyone finishing the race with 0 incidents. In order to qualify for this you must run at least 90% of the race.

c)     Your worst 2 races are dropped and points for those races are not counted towards the final points total. Missed races will be dropped first since they are considered 0 point races.

d)     You must run at least one lap in the race session in order to receive points for that race.

7)    Fixed Setup Series (only applies to those series that use a fixed set)

a)     We will use iRacing’s fixed setup for the car/track combination.

b)     If there is no iRacing fixed setup then the track will not be available for the Track Draft (See Section 8).

c)     Custom setups are not allowed.

8)    Track Drafts

a)     At the end of the season we will conduct what is considered to be a track draft.

b)     We will start with the highest point finisher from the previous season in that series and work down towards the lowest finisher. If the person is not available at the track draft then their pick goes to the next in line. If we reach the end and still have slots available to fill then we will start back at the top and so forth until all slots are filled.

c)     If it’s a replacement series then will we go according to the points from the series that it is replacing.

d)     If it’s a new series then we will go with the points from the closest resembling series.

9)    Teamspeak

a)     Teamspeak server may be used by league members only.

b)     League members are allowed to use the teamspeak server in and outside of league events.

c)     You are not required to use the teamspeak however we encourage you to do so as a lot of the communication is done though it since it’s a lot clearer than the in-race chat.

10)   Protest

a)     Drivers may protest other drivers for one of three reasons…

1)     There has been a serious infraction of the league rules.

2)     A specific driver behaves in an inappropriate or abusive manner.

3)     A specific driver shows a repeated pattern of poor driving judgment race after race.

b)     All protests must be lodged within 24 hours of the specific event(s) to the League Director/Administrator.

c)     Please be specific as to what and why you are protesting.  It will have to be determined you have a legitimate reason to protest.

d)     You must save any pertinent information such as replays, screen shots, etc. in case it is needed. Please do not send this unless it is requested.

e)     The League Director/Administrator may, as his option, engage the VP of Operations and other administrators for opinions.

f)      Penalties are at the discretion of the League Director/Administrator and may include, but not limited to, points deduction, re-alignment of finishing position, suspension, and/or removal from the league.

g)     The protested or protesting driver may lodge an appeal with the VP of Operations one time within 48 hours of the penalty decision. The VP of Operations may choose to do any of the following…

1)    Overturn the penalty

2)    Reduce the penalty

3)    Support the penalty

4)    Levy a harsher penalty

h)     In the judgment of penalties, our primary focus will be to determine if the action(s) are detrimental to the league as an organization.